A Sunday routine shared with my best friend at a local gym. The goal, to deepen the physical body, to stretch, to unwind from our weekly gym dates. My teenage years were about to escape me at any moment and soon, I parted ways with my practice. The physical practice wasn’t what I needed at the time, I needed to grow on an emotional level. The guidance given did not encourage a safe practice nor did it bring the mind / body connection I began to crave later on. 

Returning to my practice, this time at a yoga studio, the cravings became more powerful than my love for frosting and dark chocolate. Not only was my body getting stronger, but my mind was creating space. Space for peace, a place where my mind could free itself from the shackles it had created - I had created. That California road rage I used to let get the better of me, eventually turned into shoulder shrugs. I was letting go. Letting go of an abundance of negative thoughts and habits that were no longer in line with my values.

In 2013, my physical body took an unexpected turn. The strength I thought I had built, turned to an unbearable weakness - I was crawling to get off of my mat. When I finally decided to listen to my body and take pause, I found myself on a year long journey of discovery. One I did not wish for, but one that aided in an abundance of growth and a longing to share this mind and body connection with others.

Teacher training entered my life at a time when I felt unsure of myself and the paths I had chosen. “Teacher training is more about the journey with an added bonus of becoming a yoga instructor”. My teacher shared these words of wisdom right before the training began. Six months of growth and now, I feel it.

Sure, Yoga might make you stronger physically but it will empower your mind, your heart, in ways you cannot recognize in the present moment. A continuous journey as your mind and your heart expand, creating space for whatever it is you aim to manifest. A lifestyle, a journey that never ends.