June 9th | Join us at the Newport Beach Farmer's Market | 9:00am & 11:00am donation based yoga classes

Welcome To Juniper & Stone!

Throughout our lives each of us choose many paths to take, some paved, some not. The combination of the paths we choose is what makes our journeys different. Sometimes we stride forth with an open heart and mind, but at times, fear moves to the forefront. So, how do you navigate in the presence of fear?

Creating a safe space for reflection, a space where you can begin to truly feel each emotion at its core, giving yourself permission to restore, to grow. In this space, we tap into our heart’s deepest desire. Recognizing our individual strengths and respecting our authentic self.

Through mindful movement and creativity, we aim to heal, to grow. We will be brought together through restoration, exploring different parts of the world along the way. We hope you’ll adventure with us!